Charting New Opportunities: Social Environment & Health Research

The Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group is pleased to co-sponsor the “Charting New Opportunities: Social Environment & Health Research” session at the 2014 Annual Meeting.  This session is organized by Bethany Deeds from the NIH-National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Please see the description and list of participants below.
Description: Current research has refined our understanding of which social environment features impact health, leading to new opportunities for both understanding and affecting these pathways. This paper session discusses recent findingsand highlights new directions in health research from the NIH’s Basic Behavioral & Social Sciences Research Opportunity Network (OppNet) grant portfolio.
Organizer/Chair: Bethany Deeds
(1) Presenter: Christopher Browning, Adolescent Health and Development in Context, R01DA032371
(2) Presenter: Penny Gordon-Larsen (will be represented by another co-investigator due to a conflict),  Environmental Changes and Health Outcomes across 25 Years: Four US Cities, R01HL114091
(3) Presenter: Glen Duncan, TWIN Study of Environment, Lifestyle Behaviors, and Health, R01AG042176
(4) Presenter: Doug Richardson, Geospatial Frontiers in Health and Social Environments, R13CA162823
(5) Discussant: Bill Elwood, OBSSR, NIH
For more information on (a) the Geospatial Frontiers in Health and Social Environments Initiative (Doug Richardson, PI) including materials from these symposia, please see and (b)  for grants and  funding announcements for OppNet: Basic Behavioral & Social Sciences Research Opportunity Network (Bill Elwood, OppNet Facilitator), please go to
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