Geospatial Health Research Symposium

Geospatial Health Research Symposium 

AAG Annual Meeting, Denver

March 23-27, 2023


 Paul Delamater (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Amber Pearson (Michigan State University)

In this symposium we would like to bring together national and international scholars, practitioners, and policy makers from different specialties, institutions, sectors, and continents to share ideas, findings, methodologies, and technologies, and to establish and strengthen personal connections, communication channels, and research collaborations. 

We welcome papers on all aspects of health and wellbeing, as well as health and medical geography and their intersections with other branches of geography, GIScience, and other disciplines. Topics may include but are not limited to: 

Environmental Health 

– Disease mapping 

– Assessment of the impact of environmental exposures (physical and/or social)

– Exposure monitoring utilizing real-time GPS/GIS methods 

– Representation and measurement of contextual or environmental influences 

– EcoGeographic genetic epidemiology: gene-environment interactions 

– Disease ecologies

Infectious and Communicable Diseases 

– Infectious diseases and their relations to climate change 

– Spatiotemporal modeling of infectious and communicable diseases

Health Behaviors 

– Mobilities and health 

– Spatial analysis of substance abuse and treatment 

– Social environments and mental health

Healthcare Services

– Accessibility of healthcare services and its optimization 

– Healthcare provision, access, and utilization 

– Health disparities and inequalities 

– Global health research and public health initiatives

Methodologies and technologies 

– CyberGIS and high performance computing in health studies 

–  Geospatial  big data and health 

– Crowd sourcing of  geospatial data for health research (including twitter) 

– Novel (geo)visualization methods 

– mHealth and global health service delivery initiatives

To participate in the Symposium  at the 2023 AAG Annual Meeting, please submit your abstract at When you receive confirmation of a successful abstract submission, please forward this confirmation to the symposium  organizers and state whether your talk will be virtual or in-person

Paul Delamater ( and Amber Pearson (

We are also accepting session and panel submissions. Please submit the title of your session or panel and type (virtual or in-person). Upon acceptance, further instructions will be sent to officially become part of the  Symposium. 

Please contact the symposium organizers if you have any questions.