Health Geography at the 2014 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting?

Hello Health and Medical Geographers,

I got this note from James Wilson (a former chair of the Health and Medical Geography Speciality Group)

Greetings from a  past chair of the HMGSG!

I attended and presented at the APHA meeting in Boston last week and I’ve seen that each year how much geography is incorporated into public health research and work. Epidemiologists and public health practioners are certainly using more geospatial technologies and spatial analysis methods.   In any case, I thought it might be of interest to share the theme for the APHA’s conference next November in New Orleans:
Healthography: How where you live affects your health and well-being
So, how should we, as a group of Health Geographers, best represent ourselves to the APHA?  I say we all attend to let them know that we exist to do what they call “healthography” and are interested in collaborating.
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