Profiles of Health Geographers

The following is a list of the profiles prepared by Robert Earickson.  Updated profiles, including links, will be provided in the near future.

Alphabetical by Last Name

5 Responses to Profiles of Health Geographers

  1. Amber Pearson says:

    Hi there,
    Could I please add my profile? I think I slipped on my AAG dues, but I would still like to have a profile here. I promise to get around to paying my dues 🙂

    Amber Pearson


  2. Surinder Aggarwal says:

    Not addressing any comment rather a request to provide
    I would be interested to become Member of HMGSG. Retired from the University of Delhi and currently National Fellow at the Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi. Current research addresses issues of Urban Heath( NCDs in particular) in India under the influence of rapid urbanization and non-responsive healthcare systems . Also please inform how to submit Abstract for the AAG conference,2017?
    Surinder Aggarwal


  3. Sean G Young says:

    The link for Kevin Henry’s profile page is incorrectly listed as Mark Hunter in the alphabetical listing.


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