Call for book chapters about Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Culture

FROM: Stan Brunn, Geography, Univ of Kentucky

I am editing a book on the impacts of COVID-19 in different countries where the chapters will address different topics, including diffusion, gender, racial and ethnic differences, national policies and local/regional impacts.  I am looking for original chapters on the following topics:

  1. how organizations such as Doctors Without Borders are working with Global South countries to distribute masks, health precautions, etc.;
  2. rural-urban gaps in a city or country;
  3. race/gender/ethnic differences in rural/urban regions;
  4. the geographic logistics of First Responders;
  5. role of mass media;
  6. the effectiveness (or lack) of government policies.  

For those interested, please contact me:  Stan Brunn, Geography, Univ of Kentucky

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