Call for Papers Aging, Health, and Health Care

Call for Papers: 2017 AAG Annual Meeting, Boston (April 5-9, 2017)

Mark Rosenberg, Queen’s University
Kyle Plumb, Queen’s University
Jessica Finlay, University of Minnesota

Due to the widespread aging of populations coupled with social policy directives such as aging in place, there is a growing need to address the relationship(s) between the dynamic environments where healthcare is provided and the changing face of the people who occupy them. Geographers are well suited to address this need due to the inherent sensitivity to the ways that people and their health outcomes are shaped by the physical, social and psychological aspects of places and vice versa. This session is intended to provide a forum for perspectives of the complex transactions between people, place and health as well how these are further augmented as we age. To this end, emergent concepts and themes in health geography and aging as well as their application to the environments where health care takes place including the home, the hospital and long-term care facilities will be the focus of this session. 

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