Atlas Hands: A Timeline of the Life of Melinda Meade

As an update to our previous story about the passing of Melinda Meade, please take a few minutes to learn about her in this short documentary film about her life.

Atlas Hands

The description of the film from Savannah Ward and her Seventeenth Summer Productions is:

In loving memory of Dr. Melinda Meade, Seventeenth Summer Productions presents a timeline of the life of one of the greatest Medical Geographers. Follow Melinda’s journey, from graduating early from college, to joining the Peace Corps, and finally returning back to the United States to share her stories and lessons with students across the country. She settled in at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where for fifteen years, she held title as the only female Geographer in the department. Listen to previous students share their fondest memories of Melinda and be a part of a life that was great and taken away too soon.

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