Profile: Sarah Curtis

Dr. Sarah Curtis, Chair of Health and Risk, University of Durham, UK, and Senior Editor, Medical Geography Office, international journal Social Science Medicine. Sarah’s research focuses on why and how places are important for inequalities of health and wellbeing and access to health care.

Sarah Curtis was awarded a BA in Geography from Oxford University and DPhil in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Kent. She held various posts in the Geography Department at Queen Mary, University of London, up until the end of August, when she accepted her current post at Durham. She has extensive research experience in geography of health and health care. Her research also includes needs assessment in primary and community health care, and health impact assessment of regeneration schemes. She has a longstanding interest in European health and health care, particularly in France, and has worked at the Insitut National de la Sant et Recherche Medicale, France. Recently published research has been funded by Research Councils and health services agencies on topics including: therapeutic aspects of design of mental health facilities; the relationship of social and physical environments to variation in health and well-being of adolescents and variation in use of mental health services. Her books include Changing Perspectives on Health and Societies (Arnold, 1996), co-authored with Ann Taket and Health and Inequality: Geographical Perspectives (Sage, 2004). Other experience includes: research and consultancy for UK Health Authorities, the Health Development Agency; and the World Health Organization. Sarah Curtis served as non-executive director of an NHS Community and Mental Health Care Trust 1995-1999. Her work for the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers has included membership of the Research and Higher Education Committee, and she has been Secretary and Chair of the RGS-IBG Geography of Health Research Group.

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Updated: July 2007