Profile: Neil Hanlon

Dr. Neil Hanlon, Associate Professor and Chair, Geography Program, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, BC, Canada. Neil’s research interests include rural and remote health care issues in Canada, and social determinants of health. He was formerly Chair of the Health and Health Care Specialty Group, Canadian Association of Geographers.

D r. Hanlon completed his doctorate at Queen’s University, Canada in 1998. He then carried out postdoctoral research on hospital restructuring in rural Ontario, and the implications of widespread bypassing of locally available general hospital services for rural districts in the province of Nova Scotia.

Neil is currently working on three areas of research. One examines health care regionalization and its implications for health care access and service delivery. Work in this area has focused on public health nursing, geriatric care, physiotherapy, and palliative care.

A second research area looks at the roles of community development and professional service in the delivery of distributed medical education programs.

A third area of research explores the role of informal systems of support for households under stress. All of Dr. Hanlon’s present work is based in rural and remote areas of British Columbia, Canada.

Neil may be contacted at Further information is available on his webpage

Updated: February 2009