Profile: Ge Lin

Dr. Ge Lin, Associate Professor, Department of Health Services Research Administration, College of Public Health, University of Nebraska Medical Center USA. Dr. Lin’s research and teaching focus on GIS-health, spatial demography and spatial modeling. He has been supported by NIH, NIJ, NSF and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Ge Lin was raised in Beijing, China. He took his BS degree in physical geography from Peking University in China. He migrated to the United States, where he completed a master’s in marketing geography at the University of Akron and a Ph.D. in geography at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Before joining the staff at the University of Nebraska, Ge spent eight years at West Virginia University.

Dr. Lin has developed gravity models and extended log-rate models to the analysis of cohort mobility. His most recent research has focused on developing spatial cluster detection methods for count data that incorporate spatial covariates and overdispersion. He has also been developing parameterized spatial models for spatial temporal dispersion (e.g., infectious disease). His substantive research areas have shifted from population migration, to migrants’ adaptation to climate change, spatial and racial disparities in cancer incidence and mortality, and environmental impact on birth defects.

Dr. Lin has numerous funded grants to investigate minority and elderly migration, health care professional shortage areas, disease clustering, health care restructuring, and urban indicators in Mozambique. He has over 40 articles in journals including Social Science Medicine, Geographical Analysis, Environment and Planning and the International Journal of Population Geography. He has served on a US National Institute of Health panel, the AAG Geographic Data Standards Committee, and the Association of Chinese Professionals in GIS.

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Updated: January 2009