Profile: Eric Crighton

Dr. Eric Crighton, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography Environmental Studies Program, and Director of the new CFI-funded Health and Environment Analysis Laboratory, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. Eric’s research is broadly focused on environment and health topics.

Eric Crighton holds an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Ottawa (1995) and a M.A. (2000) and Ph.D. (2006) from McMaster University in health Geography.

Eric s research involves the use of a range of research methods and data sources. Eric has a particular interest in respiratory disease outcomes and non-clinical determinants. His PhD work examined spatial and temporal analysis of pneumonia and influenza hospitalizations in Ontario, and environmental, socioeconomic, and healthcare factors associated with these patterns. He is currently involved in a number of related projects, one developing a respiratory disease surveillance program for Ontario, and one examining socioeconomic determinants of asthma and asthma severity among Canadian Aboriginals. Eric also has a strong interest in environmental risk perception and psychosocial health. Of note is his work on the psychosocial impacts of the SARS outbreak on Toronto hospital workers as well as a study investigating psychosocial impacts and self-reported health in the context of the Aral Sea disaster in Uzbekistan where he worked with M decins Sans Fronti res. More recently he conducted an assessment for UNICEF of the Uzbek health care system s capacity to address child environmental health problems. Eric is currently developing a project that will investigate how new mothers perceive and negotiate environmental health risks across socioeconomic, geographic and environmental contexts.

Eric may be contacted at — or for more information please visit his website ( ).

Updated: February 2009