Profile: Denise Cloutier-Fisher

Dr. Denise Cloutier-Fisher, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Research Affiliate, Centre on Aging, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Denise’s current research interests include: healthy aging in rural environments, integrated health and social service delivery, impacts of restructuring on service provision, and the care of vulnerable populations (i.e., stroke-affected, dementia, receiving palliative care, living in social isolation, and older drivers).

Denise Cloutier-Fisher was raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She developed her interests in health geography and rural aging when she worked for the Alberta government on a drought assistance program in the late 1980s. She was intrigued by the rural and small town residents who came into Calgary to meet with her to discuss their everyday water shortage issues. They felt the need to ‘connect’ with someone in the city on a person-to-person basis, a personal connection that Denise valued. She completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, then moved to Guelph to work on her Master of Arts and Ph.D. degrees. The latter was completed in 2000.

She was hired by the University of Victoria in 2001 to work in the Centre on Aging and the Department of Geography doing research in social gerontology and geography. Denise considers herself a health and social geographer, as she has over 15 years of experience working on qualitative and quantitative research projects in a variety of health settings ranging from family medicine to public health and health council environments. Her work has been funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Recent publications can be found in the Journals of: Aging and Health, Environmental Psychology, Local Environment, Gender, Place and Culture, Health and Place, the Canadian Journal of Public Health and Social Science and Medicine. She has just completed an edited volume Vulnerability and Resilience among Older Adults in British Columbia for the Western Geographical Series (2009) is co-author (with Alun Joseph) on a chapter (Ageing in rural communities) of Ageing and Place: Perspectives, Policy and Practice — Routledge Studies in Human Geography (2004); and (with J. Fowler, et al) an on-line ( ) British Columbia Atlas of Mortality, 1989-2002

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Updated: January 2010