Profile: Xingyou Zhang

Dr. Xingyou Zhang, Geographer and Statistician, Division of Adult and Community Health, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Xingyou’s research focuses on the integration of geographic perspective, geospatial technology and multilevel spatial modeling.

Xingyou Zhang was awarded his MS in Statistics (2003) and his PhD in Geography (2004) from the University of Cincinnati. He joined the Analytical Method Team at CDC in 2009. Xingyou held various health geography posts before this, including a two-year stint at Georgia Southern University (2005-6). The latest of these found him employed simultaneously by the McKing Consulting Corporation and serving as lead Statistician at CDC’s Division of Emerging Infections and Surveillance Service.

Xingyou currently serves as professional development subcommittee chair for CDC’s Geography and Geospatial Science Working Group (GeoSWG). He has published his research in a variety of journals, including I nternational Journal of Health Geographics, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, American Journal of Health Promotion, American Family Physicians, Journal of Environmental Informatics, and Cancer Causes and Control. Xingyou’s goal is to better understand social, environmental, and geographic determinants of diseases, health behaviors, and healthcare outcomes at multiple scales. His current research projects include obesity, physical activity, asthma, healthcare access, and small area estimation using national health surveys.

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Updated: February 2011