Profile: Robert Pampalon

Robert Pampalon, Researcher, Institut National de Sant Publique du Quebec (National Institute of Public Health of Quebec), Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Montreal, and at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

Robert Pampalon completed his PhD in Geography at Laval University, Quebec City, in 1984. He completed post-doctoral studies in epidemiology of ageing (1989-90) at the National Institute of Medical Research, Montpellier, France, and in multilevel modeling (1997-98) at the Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth, UK. He has worked as a researcher for the Community Health Department of Valleyfield, Quebec, the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec, and the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec since 1999. In his academic posts, he lectures at the undergraduate level and supervises graduate students.

Robert has published books and scientific articles on environment and health and Geography of health in Quebec. His publications may be found in Social Science Medicine, Health Place, Chronic Diseases in Canada, the Canadian Journal of Public Health, and many French language journals. His work focuses on both knowledge development and knowledge transfer to decision makers. In 2005, he received the Award for Geography in the Service of Government or Business from the Canadian Association of Geographers. Nowadays, Robert’s research activities are centered on the development and use of a deprivation index at the provincial and national scales, and the study of the role of the local environment, or neighbourhood, on health. Robert has a special interest in populations living outside major urban centres, such as mid-size cities and rural areas.

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Updated: February 2011