Profile: Paul Norman

Paul Norman, Lecturer in Human Geography and Programme Manager MSc GIS, School of Geography, University Of Leeds, England. Paul’s research and teaching interests combine aspects of population and health geography and include: demographic change and health, and the development of quantitative approaches to health analysis.

Paul Norman started his working career as a professional musician and now finds himself as a population and health geographer. These seemingly different careers being underpinned by a father who was a music teacher and a mother who was a geography teacher. Nature / nurture? Who knows?! Paul s focus is on time-series / longitudinal analysis of both area and individual-level data derived from census, survey and administrative records. His skills and experience are mainly quantitative using statistical, Geographical Information Systems and self-written software to enable: the harmonisation of small area level socio-demographic, morbidity and mortality data to enable time-series analysis of demographic and health change; the development of small area population estimation methods that incorporate multiple data sources about population subgroups and demographic processes; the use of area typologies to understand migration patterns and resulting health outcomes; and the use of individual level microdata to understand aggregate differences in population stratification and characteristics over time. Paul completed an MA in GIS and his PhD at the School of Geography, University of Leeds, was then a research fellow at CCSR before returning to Leeds as Lecturer in Human Geography. He has published widely on topics such as demographic estimation and the relationship between deprivation and health selective migration. Paul s recent research includes the development of ethnic group population projections for subnational areas in the UK. These projections are now being used as denominators in rates of health by ethnic group. Paul counts himself fortunate to have had research collaborations with Paul Boyle, Phil Rees, Dan Exeter, Danny Dorling, Ian Gregory and Sarah Curtis. Clive Sabel was horrified to find out that Paul is his brother-in-law! Paul may be contacted at

Updated: December 2011