Profile: Michele Masucci

Dr. Michele Masucci, Director of the Information Technology and Society Research Group, and Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Michele’s areas of expertise include applied GIS, planning theory, community development and environmental quality.

Michele Masucci received her Doctorate in Geography from Clark University in 1987. She also holds an M.A. in Geography from Clark (1986) and a B.S. in Geography and Regional Planning (Salisbury University, 1982). She has been on tenure-track appointment at West Georgia University (1989-1991), at Auburn University (1991-1997) and at Temple University since 1997. She serves as the Director of a university-wide research consortium called the Information Technology and Society Research Group – ITSRG.

Dr. Masucci’s current research examines the societal dimensions of information and communication technologies with a special focus on how they are interrelated with community development, health, education, and social inequality. She has also worked to develop university-community partnerships with organizations that address human rights issues, community and environmental quality problems, and community informal science education needs. She was the P.I. of an NSF grant that supported the Building Information Technology Skills (BITS) program, an ongoing informal science education initiative of ITSRG. She was also a co-investigator on a study of internet health communication systems entitled: Preventing Heart Disease in Underserved Patients. Her research examined the relationship between geographic, social, and networked access to information technologies and health outcomes among 400 cardiovascular disease patients in a comparative study of health care systems in Philadelphia and rural Pennsylvania.

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Updated: May 2009