Profile: Jean-Pierre Thouez

Professor, Department of Geography, Universite de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Thouez’ research and teaching interests include the geography of health, social geography and quantitative methods. Jean Pierre retired from full-time service in June of this year.

Jean-Pierre Thouez is a graduate of the French Institutes of Commerce and Political Sciences and the University of Genoble. He originally specialized in alpine geography. In 1970, he was recruited as an assistant professor at the Universite de Sherbrooke where he was the first Canadian professor to teach medical geography. He collaborated with L. Muran, in the epidemiology laboratory, on the first Quebec population health project in the Eastern Townships. In 1978, he was invited to serve at the Universite de Montreal and in 1984 he was promoted to full professor.

From 1982 to 1984, he collaborated with his colleague Peter Foggin on the first health and environmental survey of the Inuit and Cree communities in northern Quebec. Since the 1980s, he has been been an associate at the Cancer Institute of Notre Dame Hospital and the epidemiology laboratory at Hotel Dieu Hospital, and at the Institute of Gerontology, where he directed a research project on Alzheimer’s disease and soil and water contaminants. His current projects deal with mobility patterns of the disabled and social determinants of health in the elderly population. He has published extensively in a variety of international journals. He is the author of Sante, Maladies et Environnement, Economica, Paris, 2005, and co-author (with Y. Bussiere and J. Carriere) of Atlas du Vieillissement et des Desequilibres Demographques Regionaux au Quebec 2001-2021-2041, UQAM – Universite de Montreal – INRS-USC, 2006 , and (with S. Fleuret) of Aspects Contemporains de la Geographie de la Sante Parie, Economica, 2007.

Jean Pierre may be contacted at jean.pierre.thouez@umontreal.c a [Jean-Pierre Thouez se sp cialise dans les champs d’enseignement et de recherche suivants : g ographie de la sant, g ographie sociale. De plus, il assure un cours de service – La g ographie de l’Europe (inscrit au mineur tudes Europ ennes. Jean-Pierre Thouez est aussi associ la chaire Jean Monnet et au Centre Canadien en tudes Allemande et Europ enne). ]

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