Profile: Helena Nogueira

Helena Nogueira, Professor, Department of Geography, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Helena’s research focus is on contextual health determinants, health behaviours and inequalities, neighbourhood effects on health, and statistical methodologies.

Helena Nogueira earned her PhD at the University of Coimbra, where she has taught and carried out research since 1999. Her general academic interest is in the field of health geography. Currently, her research on the social determinants of health and health inequities focuses mainly on issues related to socio-material deprivation, local social organization (social support and cohesion) and urban landscapes that are associated with healthy life styles, social interaction and mental stress. In the classroom, she combines aspects of health geography, urban planning and statistics.

In 2006, she was co-author of a publication on a funded project regarding maternal-child care in an immigrant population. The work earned the Bial Prize for Clinical Medicine. In 2008, she earned a Prize for Health and Quality of Life in Urban Areas, from the Portuguese Network of Healthy Cities, for her work on territories of vulnerability or opportunities of health. She has published recently in Health Place and Fennia International Geographical Journal, and she has chapters in at least three books published since 2005.

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Updated: January 2009