Profile: Cynthia K. Pope

Dr. Cynthia Pope, Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Co-coordinator of the Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program, Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, Connecticut, USA. Cynthia’s medical / health research focuses on Gendered vulnerability to HIV/AIDS, geopolitics and political economy of health, health and migration and Caribbean and Latin America. Cynthia was co-chairperson of the MGSG, 2005-7.

Cynthia Pope holds both M.A. (1997) and Ph. D. (2003) degrees from the University of Arizona, where she concentrated on medical geography and Latin American Studies. Her Ph.D. dissertation dealt with gender and perceptions of HIV risk at the turn of the Millennium in Havana, Cuba. Cindy has lived, worked, and/or conducted long-term fieldwork in several foreign nations. Since 1998, she has been externally funded to research women’s and girls’ perceptions of HIV risk, and on sexuality, marginalization, and geopolitics in Havana, Cuba, and since 2005, she researches ethnicity, economic development, HIV risk, and health care access in Belize. Her most recent works: Case studies on HIV/AIDS risk, stigma and discrimination in Western Belize will produce two publications this year; and, an introduction to a special issue on international geographies of HIV/AIDS (with E. Kalipeni) in GeoJournal. Cynthia has also served on the editorial boards of Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Education for Children Youth, Transformations — The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy, and Human Geography. She is also co-editor on two books: HIV/AIDS: Frontiers in Global Prevention/Intervention (2009), and Strong Women, Dangerous Times: Gender and HIV/AIDS in Africa (2009). Cynthia may be contacted at

Updated: June 2011