Profile: Christopher Uejio

Dr. Christopher Uejio, post-doctoral fellow with the Climate and Health Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, GA, USA and the Climate Science and Applications Program of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Chris’s expertise is in climate variability and change and human health, spatial epidemiology, infectious diseases, environmental health, decision support systems, and working with public health departments. Chris is currently an at-large member of the HMGSG elected officers.

Chris studied at the University of California at Los Angeles (BA with honors in Geography and BS in Atmospheric Science), the University of Arizona (MA in Geography), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (PhD in Environmental Studies). In August 2012, he will start a new position as an Assistant Professor of Geography at Florida State University. Chris investigates human health and extreme heat events, mosquito transmitted diseases like dengue, and recreational and drinking water quality.

A primary research theme is studying how the physical environment
influences human health and well-being. Many important health problems are sensitive to environmental processes. The US Environmental Protection Agency concluded that greenhouse gases threaten public health and should be regulated. Much of Chris’s work probes the underappreciated environmental drivers of health problems. For example, his recent work suggests that inadequately treated drinking water continues to cause childhood illness in many US communities. Similarly, his earlier work tied South African West Nile virus outbreaks to year-to-year changes in summer rainfall. Due to the complex nature of human health, he works collaboratively with researchers and practitioners from many disciplines.

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Updated: May 2012